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L'invisibile Peso delle Memorie

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Glazed Sicilian Ceramic - Circa 1955

Gift to Grazia Mazzeo Puleo 1928- 2018


1955 to 1960: Via Principe Umberto 33, Salice, Messina, Italia

1960 to 1966: Via Palermo 922, Scala Ritiro, Messina, Italia

1966 to 1972: 60 Bellevue Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA

1973 to 2018: 40 Carroll Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

2018 to : 202 Common Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA


To reconnect with the past, one must travel past unbearable emotions.

The journey past anguish and transformation cannot be described in words.

This glazed Sicilian ceramic hung in our home in Italy. It now hangs in our home in the USA.

It reminds me to reconnect to a place (now only found in my heart) where love is unconditional and family and friends often find refuge, acceptance, and peace.

To revive the feeling I can only dig words in Italian:

L’invisibile Peso delle Memorie




Di pace

Una piccola casa


Di coraggio

Di speranza

Di tenerezza

Una piccola casa


Di tristezza

Di pianto

Di fine

Una piccola casa

Sentimenti, sussulti, scosse

Di parole

Di sentimenti

Di vita

Una piccola casa

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