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Z as an ending (see the last letter of the alphabet in Semitic languages. Z as a ‘vigilante’ as portrayed by the mythical hero Zorro. Z as in ‘He is Alive’ in ancient Greek.

Regardless of the ‘Z’, the end result after all the suffering (and suffering we must as we endure our lives’ journey) is optimistic: life will go on with or without us.

What am I saying here? Life is suffering? Yes indeed! When we know how to do it, we’ll know how to live.

The symbol: Z is not an ending after all. Ultimately, if we bring the Hebrew and Aramaic languages closer, we can conclude that it makes references to the ‘man’ or the ‘spirit.’ That breath that gives us ‘life. ’Breath’ is what COVID-19 victims need.

We will all be wearing masks. Are we going to do it to protect ourselves or others? We should not repeat the past. Zorro reaped tons of money for the producers. We should wear them because we could be all asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. Doing so is life-giving. Long live the mask! ‘Z’ for life!

The innuendo in the movie ‘Z’ by Costa Gavras in 1969 is everywhere: ‘’He is Alive!” The patricians may overcome the plebians. Both need each other, for the brain cannot survive without the intestines. We change the language. We change the narrative. We might conquer, we might win. In the end, we share the same ‘ending.’

The quest, if any, is co-existence. Co-existence with fear. Co-existence with the coronavirus. Co-existence with one another.

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