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Le Parole Sono Pietre

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Tutto Cambia, Tutto Resta...

Una Pietra E' Sempre Una Pietra

All things appear to change. Yet, I am doing what I did. Only differently.

In 1995, I loved being with young people. My daughter was 22, and my son was 19.

In 2021, I love mingling with young people. My daughter is 48, my son is 45, and my grandson is 15.

I am still looking forward to:

My daughter… Being a healer of body and spirit.

My son… Being an accomplished artist.

My grandson … Being a young man.

My spirit … Being attuned to young people's voices.

A stone changes with the tides. Yet, it remains a stone.

Doing what we love lays the stone of a lifetime.

Una Pietra

Una pietra

Saltello’ sulle onde del Tirreno

Per riposarsi sulla sabbia del suo abisso siciliano

Una pietra batte’ sulle onde dell’Atlantico

Per ritrovarsi sulle terre Americane

Non piu’ ruvida

Ma liscia

Provata dal tempo

Ma sempre pietra

A Rock

A rock hopped on the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea

To rest on the sand of its Sicilian abyss

A rock slammed on the waves of the Atlantic

Found itself on the American soil

No more rough

But smooth


But always a stone

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