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In Vino Vitae

As a kid, I had a 'gut feeling' about resveratrol's benefits derived from Vitis Vinifera.

I didn’t want to wait until I became an adult to enjoy its full benefits.

As the story goes, my mother, who loved to mingle and be jovial, was celebrating 'something' with friends in the country kitchen of Contrada Giudice, in the outskirts of my village, Salice, where I spent the happiest moments of my childhood. Glasses were passed around and filled with Vino da tavola. I happened to be there, but to be underage: no more than three to four years old. To let me partake in the celebration, the adults in the room gave me a glass, filled it with wine, and diluted it with plenty of water. With my big black glaring eyes, I sipped, looked, and threw the glass vigorously against the kitchen table, shouting, "Io voglio il vino vero!" 'I want real wine!" The glass shattered on top of the marble top, and the celebrating congregation was taken aback and broke into a laughter.

Did I ever get the real wine? It doesn't matter. What matters is celebrating life with 'something' as my mother did with her friends almost a century ago at Contrada Giudice.

As I endure life in 2020 under the constrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, my aggregating instincts have significantly diminished, but my ambitions to find the 'good' from Vitis Vinifera has dramatically increased.

As I look around to celebrate life with ‘something,’ I am on a quest to ‘relive’ my childhood taste—the taste of drinking the wine from Faro Superiore.

Luckly, there are a few bottles left in the United States to share with my friends.

In Vino Vitae

Vitis Vinifera

From Georgia

To Sicily

Destination: America





Vino da Faro Superiore

With Mascalese


And Nerello

Vino Veritas

In Vino Vitae

Or Vino Vero

In Life Desire



And aggregated




Between Contrada Giudice

And Common Street

A Journey

To something

Too Good!!!

To live

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