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Love Story, Sicilian Style

For a long time, Sicilians used the carrettu sicilianu to carry goods of all sorts. One day, under unusual circumstances, it was adopted to transport love.

Back in time, in Salice, Graziella, a feisty Sicilian girl, was to marry a young man from the nearby village, Castanea. The wedding ceremony was all set. The bomboniere had been purchased. All that Graziella had to do was to show up on the wedding day. But Graziella felt unsettling emotions.

Going back more in time, Graziella had the charge to bring water jugs to thirsty young men working for the forestale of the Peloritani Hills of Sicily.

Antonino was one of the hired forestry handymen to clear off the fallen branches. On a hot day, while sipping a fresh glass of water he was longing for, Antonino found the courage to tenderly whisper to Graziella, "Signorina, lei e' un angelo."

"Miss, you are an angel."

Was it love at first sight? Un fulmine? It was a moment that decided Graziella's future.

La fuga d'amore was furtively devised. Before the twilight of dawn, Antonino's trusted friends paused quietly with a carrettu sicilianu by her doorsteps. Graziella gently hid under the hay. Off she went to begin the journey of a lifetime.

It was early morning in September of 1948 when she arrived in the Contrada Vallone to embrace Antonino.

It was early morning in June of 1949 that, for the first time, I saw my mom's angelic smile.

"La prima gioia della mia vita," my mother later confided in me, "The first joy of my life."

U Carrettu Sicilianu

Amuri Sicilianu

Picciotta zita

Cu bummulu

Acqua pi biviri carriavi

Fimmina 'nnammurata

Cu l'occhi

vulivi beni

Carusa sula

Cu Cori

Curpa purtavi

Picciotta zita

Cu Carrettu

Amuri carruzziavi

Fimmina 'nnammurata

Cu l'arba

Vinni u tu jornu

Carusa 'nnammurata

Cu jornu

Vinni l'amuri

Ma bedda madri addivintasti

Sicilian Cart

Sicilian Love

Young betrothed girl

With a jar

Drinking water you carried

Young girl in love

With your eyes

You felt love

Lonely girl

With your heart

You felt guilty

Young betrothed girl

With the cart

You were holding love

Young girl in love

With dawn

Your day came

Young girl betrothed in love

With the day

Came love

My mother, you became

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