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Statistics Is Destiny

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Since it has been impossible to store validated knowledge since the beginning of recorded human history in our minds, I have always been delighted to collect statistics summarizing humans’ performances on the planet. And, since my life on earth has limits, I restrict myself to remembering the validated versions of collective individuals assembled as football teams. That is, football is known throughout all continents and not just in the United States of America.

In my brief history of human performance on the football pitch, I focus on three major events:

FIFA World Cup [World]

UEFA Champions League [Europe]

UEFA European Cup {Europe}

I must say that if I reflect my personal image on the teams that am passionate about. I usually come out on top of things, which is meaningless to most people. However, it peaces my emotions when I feel that I have lost battles in life. The only personalized comfort is the belief that I am still victorious, although I swim in mud.

In the FIFA World Cup, Italy is my favorite team. I am incorrigibly biased. Italy is my favorite because it is my place of birth. Here we go with written history:


First: Germany- 13 (22), 59% Presence in final four

Second: Brazil- 11 (22), 50% Presence in final four

Third: Italy- 8 (22), 36% Presence in final four

A 36% participation by Italy in the final four is a lifelong average for possible performances considered to be the best. Four titles or first finishes in less than 100 years is a fantastic feast. Italy can catch up with Brazil if it places in the final four three more times. It is mathematically possible that I will see Italy reaching the FIFA World Cup Final Round before the end of my life span. That will most likely be a pleasing external goal that I will indirectly be accomplishing.

In the UEFA Championship representing privately owned clubs in Europe, teams from Italy that went all the way to the finals, such as Milan with 11 presences, Inter Milan with 5 presences, and Juventus with 9 presences are also on top of the list. It is the second best performance after clubs from Spain.


First: Spain- 19 Titles - 11 Runner-ups - 30 Presences

Second: Italy - 12 Titles - 16 Runner-ups - 28 Presences

Third: England- 14 Titles - 11 Runner Ups - 25 Presences

Italy against England at Wembley Stadium in 2020, with Bonucci transforming the phrase from “It Is Coming (H)ome” to “It Is Coming to (R)ome” has heightened my exuberance for football's statistics.


First: Germany- 9 Presences in final four out of 16 possibilities, 56% Presences in final four

[3 Titles - 3 Runner-Ups - 3 Times Semi-finalist]

Second: Italy- 6 Presences in final four out of possibilities, 38% Presence in final four

[2 Titles - 2 Runner-Ups - 2 Times Semi-finalist]

Third: Spain- 5 Presences in final four out of 16 possibilities, 31% Presence in final four

[3 Titles- 1 Runner Ups - 1 Time Semi-finalist]

Again, with a 38% presence in the FINAL FOUR, Italy, with 6 presences, only follows Germany, with 9 presences at the top in Europe. With another outstanding performance, I am surely guaranteed glory within my lifetime with at least another finish in the top four. Just a little luck with an impressive rebound or deflection, and I am surely going to celebrate. Virgil said fortune favors the bold, “FORTIS FORTUNA ADIUVAT.” And… Italian national team players are bold!

Collecting statistical values has been my favorite pastime in the absence of vigorous competition. It is not that I love to win, I just hate to lose. If I cannot play to win, I am obsessed with what details took place to give an edge to one team over another. It usually happens in a millisecond in less than a square meter. It is ‘The Road Less Traveled.’ In the end, it determines our destiny. We must choose the right time and place and it will be glory for eternity.




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