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Piccola Casa Grande Quiete

Una ceramica Smaltata Un regalo Affettuoso Una casetta Appennina Senza Chiave

Ma tanto Cuore Appesa A sorpresa Ma sospesa Nel Sogno Una casetta Lontana Ma una compagna A vita Una ceramica Smaltata Ma un nido Intrecciato Un Cuore Siciliano Ma una vita Americana

Ceramica Smaltata A glazed Ceramic A loving Gift An Apennine Little House Without A key But much Heart Hanged By Surprise But suspended In a dream A far away Little House But a lifetime Companion A glazed Ceramic But a weaved Nest A Sicilian Heart But an American Life (1) The ‘Piccola Casa, Grande Quiete’ glazed ceramic has been a life companion in Salice, Scala Ritiro, Dorchester, and Watertown where I presently reside. My mom received it from a special friend who often traveled outside our village to see the world. Every time I look at it, I am home.

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