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The 3P Learning Model

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Curious about when learning takes place at its best, I stumbled in Chatti, M. A., Jarke, M, & Specht’s article, ‘The 3P Learning Model,’ published in Educational Technology & Society in 2010. I found their conclusions enlightening and liberating since my teaching/ learning is organized around their principles.

The 3P Learning Model is based on 3 P:

Personalization, Participation, and Knowledge- Pull

Principle I: Learning is personal and self-directed “The learner may not have control over what is taught, but the learner always has control over what is learned.” Tobin (2000)

Principle II: Learning is social Knowledge and learning are social in nature. All teaching/learning models should embrace the social aspect of learning.

Principle III: Learning is driven by knowledge-pull

In a learning model based on knowledge-push, the information flow is directed by the institution/teacher. In a learning model driven by knowledge-pull, the learner navigates toward knowledge.A move away from one-size-fits-all, centralized, top-down and knowledge-push model and toward a more personalized, social, and knowledge-pull model provides unprecedented success for learners.In conclusion, effective and efficient learning needs to be individualized and learner- controlled. It embraces the principles of constructivism and connectivism. It moves away from command, control, and passivity and reaches a plateau of openness, flexibility, and participation.

For Further 3P Reading:

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