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The Cave, A Dialogue with My Mother

Not a Dialogue With Plato

In an age where social distancing is the norm, and we find refuge in virtual caves, it is comforting to know that we are not alone. 'Alone' not in the sense that everyone else is experiencing it, but in the perspective that we find companionship with memories that transcend time and space.

La Grotta

Walking beyond

Contrada Giudice

Strolling down

The country path

Stepping between


Drinking from

The gentle rock stream

Toward the valley

Shady cave

Water cascading

An unlikely countryside window

Looking at me

With motherly pride

Smiling at me

With endless love

A childhood place

For her and me

A safe place

Shared with me

A happy place

Where she waits for me

Walking beyond

Never alone


July 25, 2020

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