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Zapped by Wisdom

La Saggezza


La Saggezza e’ lo studio interminabile della felicita’


Pasquale lies sadly in bed.

L’ Angelo Custode suddenly appears above his head.

Pasquale ask, “Can’t you temporarily zap me with universal wisdom all at once?”

L’ Angelo Custode replies, “Okay, but only for a moment!’

L’ Angelo Custode zaps Pasquale.

Pasquale blurts, “ Whoa! I’ve got to share this with everybody!”

A very sleepy Rose pushes Pasquale back towards his room.

Pasquale is still awake in bed.

Pasquale adds, "Not everybody wants to be awakened to universal wisdom!"

L’ Angelo Custode concludes, "Hoo boy! Don't I know it!

Rose is Rose - Saturday, December 5, 1998, Boston Globe

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