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3 Z

Z as an ending (see the last letter of the alphabet in Semitic languages. Z as a ‘vigilante’ as portrayed by the mythical hero Zorro. Z...

The 3P Learning Model

Curious about when learning takes place at its best, I stumbled in Chatti, M. A., Jarke, M, & Specht’s article, ‘The 3P Learning Model,’...

Fierce Thought

Feroce Pensiero Feroce pensiero Che occupi Il vertice Del mio animo Mi svegliasti In ginocchio Chiesi Perdono Ad un corpo amato Senza...

What Is the Incentive?

Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan, educational researchers at the University of Rochester, maintain that humans are not motivated by the...

Le Parole Sono Pietre

Words Are Stones Wasted Words Crumbled Feelings Without words Solitude speaks Without feelings Togetherness Is Still Listens who loves...

Be Steady!

The Science of Resilience Part II Metacognitive Reflections on Paul Tough’s book, “Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why”, The...

Zapped by Wisdom

La Saggezza Wisdom La Saggezza e’ lo studio interminabile della felicita’ Script Pasquale lies sadly in bed. L’ Angelo Custode suddenly...

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'Carpe Diem"

"Ognuno di noi rimane solo sul cuore della terra

Trafitto da un raggio di sole

Ed e' subito sera"

Salvatore Quasimodo


M'ilumino d'immenso"

Giuseppe Ungaretti

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