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Le Parole Sono Pietre

Tutto Cambia, Tutto Resta... Una Pietra E' Sempre Una Pietra All things appear to change. Yet, I am doing what I did. Only differently....

The Presence of Hope

In my mind, a recurrent image of death is that of a five-year-old girl dressed in all white communion dress lying still in an open casket...

In Vino Vitae

As a kid, I had a 'gut feeling' about resveratrol's benefits derived from Vitis Vinifera. I didn’t want to wait until I became an adult...

Seeking Love

When it comes to love, humans prefer exclusivity. Yet, ‘true love’ must be shared. As we journey on mother earth, we begin our ascent to...

Orgoglio di Biciclette

Why You Should Still Care About 'Bicycle Thieves,'' by A.O. Scott, on August 13, 2020 in the New York Times rekindled my pride. After...

Words Are Stones

Pasqualino ‘Spaccalegna’ ‘Wood Splitter’ What? Chi ti ha interpellato? Who Asked You? Why? Terrone! Dirty Southerner… How? Guinea! (What...

3 Z

Z as an ending (see the last letter of the alphabet in Semitic languages. Z as a ‘vigilante’ as portrayed by the mythical hero Zorro. Z...

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'Carpe Diem"

"Ognuno di noi rimane solo sul cuore della terra

Trafitto da un raggio di sole

Ed e' subito sera"

Salvatore Quasimodo


M'ilumino d'immenso"

Giuseppe Ungaretti

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